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Shine from the Inside out and Amp Up Your Beauty and Attraction!

The Worldwide 1st Generative Mental Beauty Product!
Created for Your Inner Beauty and Unique Attraction.
The Art of Cultivating your Beauty.
Enjoy to be Yourself, pure!

Are you ready to feel forever Young and Amazing?

This totally new product starts right here. – It activates your inner beauty and thus increases your grace and attractiveness.

Do you want to:

  • feel more and more comfortable in your own skin?
  • truly feel your amazing beauty and hear compliments about the way you look?
  • be clear and meet good decisions with regard to clothing and make-up, but also diet, exercise, attitude, even your society!

This causes, that you develop positive beliefs about yourselve and your Beauty, Grace and Attractiveness!

This product contains not just the instructions to meet your inner beauty, it connects you with your suitable Uniqueness and activates your inner Archetypal Energies and Patterns of Beauty.

Enjoy the amazing feeling of beautiful energies inside of you and around you every day!

Where does Amazing Beauty come from… ?

Your inner attitude and setting, determines your look. People, who are described by many of us, as beautiful persons, women like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie or beauty icons like Sophia Loren, differ of others, only in their inner attitude and believes. But as a result, their inner beauty and uniqueness comes out very clear.

If someone comes in contact with her inner beauty, it immediatly radiates to the outside. If we feel different, we look different. This product brings you in contact with your inner beauty and activates your uniqueness and grace. Our senses are our pathways to connect with the Beauty-Source inside of us.

Archetypal patterns are unconsciously acting concepts. They pass on behaviors over generations, affect our feelings, our mindsets and thinking and our cultural structures. They are effective in us, whether we are aware of it in the situation or not.

When we turn on our inner Venus, we become more beautiful, more attractive and at the same time healthier!

This product contains instructions, symbols, icons, and movement patterns, that bring these inner processes in momentum and encourage self expression, beauty and style and by the way, they help to better your health and well-being.

„Connect with your Beautiful Source and create your own Unique Beauty Secrets! – It’s all inside of You.“

Aging is no uncontrolable force. And also not, the way you look.

On one hand, it’s a biological fact, and at the same time, a process, consisting of decisions. And here is, where you can choose. So choose wisely. Choose Yourself and the connection with Your Source.

What you can discover.

So we are talking about the intended effects and the side effects that can be expected, because they are part of the journey.

Main and side effects:

The top goal of this product is to increase your beauty and attraction. The fact, that it is a mental product means, that there are a lot of healthy side effects. If the human body gets a good chance to improve health, it does. So if you want to increase beauty, you need to combine it with health, to get the full effect. Isn’t that great to know?!

  • Connect with your center and with your unique beauty and style
  • Amp up your attraction
  • Show your inner beauty and
  • Shine from the inside out
  • Get a refreshed feeling and look and – skin
  • Find and buy the clothing that make you look impressive
  • Upgrade your posture and movement
  • Expand your possibilities of expression
  • Activate through resonance the archetyple beauty patterns, energies and sources (venus, aphrodite) inside of you.
  • Improved health
  • Finding the right movement and sports that shape your figure and make you healthier
  • Eat the things that are good for you
  • Attract the relations that are good for you
  • Establish a better connection to yourself and others!

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Professional info – Who am I to tell you this?

I am an expert in personal development. Since almost 30 years, I study human potential, skills and capacities. As an hypnotherapist and mental trainer for athletes (mainly icehockey – we won the title all 3 times I coached the team) and trainer mentor and coach for hundreds of companys and for people with different background, I expirienced the possibilities and the limitiations of our human potential.

20 years ago, after passing my own thirties, I begun to study aging, attractiveness and health and how to handle it positiv, with mental techniques. (I started as an expert in the field of weightloss – and weight-gathering, with lot’s of own expirience. I studied the up and down of 50 kg on my own body, without health or skinproblems.)

One of my first goals was, to create an amzing attraction and rebuild my body after 3 pregnancies. One unintended effect was, that only young guys were looking after me for dates…. And that was, at sometimes, not easy to handle… 😉

Thus I could see, that the techniques, changed the aging of my body as well as my energy-levels.

My university degree is in consulting and psychotherapy. (Passed with distinction.) I studied NLP (Pract. Master, Coach) with R.Dilts and others, and deepened my knowledge of Hypnosis over the past 20 years – especially since I met my Mentor Stephen Gilligan 7 years ago and started to work with his self-relation-approach. The products you buy, are deeply influenced by his work. Another important part, comes from Jean Houstons Human Potential and Mystery School Work. (You will hear their influence in the Audios.)

My Expert-knowledge, is asked for in ORF (Austrian Lead Channel) Science Reports, but also as guest of Austrian Talk Show-Lady Barbara Karlich (similar to Oprah in the US.) and on Lokal Radiostations.

„Are you ready to become a Compliment-Magnet?“

You will see astonished faces from your friends and family.

And hear the things about you, that you always wanted to hear.

Discover your own unique potential!

Normally, right here, you can read Testimonials, to show whats possible with a product. But, this is truly the worlds first Generative Mental Beauty Product. Released here, for the first time ever. So, there are no testemonials availiable. So you might think, how can I know it works. I tell you, You cant – as long as you try it by Yourself.

But I want to add something. Normally, I am not an outgoing person. And normally I am far away from posting personal bikini-pictures in the internet. But, I am honest. I want you to trust me and my product. And so I decided, to show one pic of me in my summer-bathing-outfit. To show you, the long-term possibilities of working with mental beauty techniques.

Me. Three kids, 47 years.

But that does not mean, you have to wait years to see a result.

My first testperson, a good friend of mine, called me after the first week of using and said: „I met my neighbour yesterday and he asked me, what I did, to look so much younger!“

ORDER yours NOW for the world-start-price of just 29,90 $

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But thats not all.

Because I want to gather information and feedback from my customers as soon as possible, I added a special bonus for the first 49 clients who order  Inner Beauty Connection.

You can write me a few sentences about your expirience with the Generative Mental Beauty Product „Inner Beauty Connection“

and I add a personal

60-min Online-Coaching Session on Skype worth 200 $

 (which is my normal rate)

for not 1 $ more.

Write me, if you want to make use of this possibility:

But thats still not all. In this price of 29,90, I include a two-month free membership in our Venus-Club. (Worth 19,80 $ – membership rate is 9,90 per month) Which means, that you get weekly tipps to improve your beauty naturally and with almost no cost! Thus you can become a compliment-magnet and attract the people that are healthy and good for you and your self-esteem, because they see you as beautiful as you are!

How do you know, if this product is right for you?

I will say it like this:

  • Those of you, who dont believe in the possibilites of your mental equipment, please stay with your normal products and procederes.
  • Those who dont want to improve things in their life also.
  • The ones of you, who use their mental skills for their personal development in other areas of their life, can may use my ideas to widen their horizon and find creative new areas to use their skills.
  • If you are one of those people, who think we should not overstate the outlook of a person, thus learn to look at the inner worth – I would like to give you a thinkover.
  • Realisticly seen, we live in a world that is, what it is. We are hold on, not to judge it that much, thus make the best of it. There is nothing wrong, in making the best out of oneself, in each area of our human existence. Each person is a unique beautiful soul. And it is good, to see each other as beautiful, amazing and attractive as we are!

„If you order now, what to you get?“

You get an Audio, (mp3 download, 128 kbit/s Format) spoken from Austrian Mentor, Coach, Mental-Trainer and Therapist Angelika Vetter with:

  • Introduction (5 min.)
  • Inner Beauty Journey (24 min.)
  • Short-Cut Exercise (6 min.)


  • Two month Venus-Club-Membership (worth 19,80 $)
  • With be-weekly newsletter contenting Low- and No-Cost Beauty-Tipps and Mental Beauty Exercises.

Plus: If you want to be one of the first 49 to write a feedback about your expirience, you get an extra bonus:

  • 60-min. Personal Generative Mental Beauty Coaching with Angelika on Skype!

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What did you learn so far…

  • Beauty and Attractiveness is something external just at first glance. True beauty comes form the inside. This means, your inner attitude and setting determines your look.
  • Whether or not we feel comfortable with ourself, depends on our thinking, believes and meanings.
  • You can change it easy and in line with your daily habits, with this Journey to your inner beauty source and the collective archetypal energies of beauty.
  • Hear it on a regual basis for best effect. Rule of dumb is, daily for the first 21 days, after that – just as often as you like. Each person is different. If you choose to hear it weekly – it’s good too…. 

As with all mental products, there is no guaranteed effect. How fast you will see results and which ones first, depends on many facts. But decades of joining transformational journeys, teached me, that everbody can change unproductive or nasty habits. And so can You. But, if you dont feel comfortable with this product, let me know and you will get your money back.

The total price of this product is 29,90 $. This includes austrian tax.

If you want to stay with our Bonus, the Venus-Club Membership after the free testphase of 2 month – your credit-card will be charched monthly on each 1st, with the amount of 9,90 $. If you want to end your membership, just let me know your decision with a short email.

And if you want to take your journey of beauty onto a deeper level, it will be good to join Venus-Club further.

This monthly memership programm contents a bi-weekly newsletter, 10 % discount on all products in our online-shop and special offers and gifts around your beauty and attractiveness and your unique style.

Its pretty simple to start:  For your fast and easy access, you get a mp3 download link in 128 kbit/s.
You will recieve two mails: a confirmation email and an email with the download-link.

Dont wait! Enjoy the compliments of your environment to your appearance already in the next few days.

In less than 5 minutes you will be able to start your beauty journey!

​You will recieve your first venus club newsletter right after you ordered your audio. The following will arrive on the first and third Friday each month, so you will be able to start your weekend beautiful!

If you have any questions, contact us at:

„p.s. One important note…

You dont need to spend extra time for your

Inner Beauty Journey…“

Yes, that’s true. ​Thats why it is an Audio. You can hear it on:

  • your way to work (bus, train, plane, waiting at the station or airport)
  • in hotelrooms, dentists- or lawer-waiting-rooms, even in school, when it’s booring. 😉
  • also, while you are jogging or walking your dog
  • on your girls-night, together with your best friend
  • while you cook meals
  • just be creative!

​I need to say: The best state, for your best result, is „relaxed and focused“.

But we all now, reality is, we are busy. And that’s why, I added a short-cut version. If you have just the 5 minutes while waiting for your bus – use them and enjoy the good feeling of taking care of yourself, daily.

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