About me.

I am an expert in personal development. Since almost 30 years i study human potential, skills and capacities. I started as a hypnotherapist and mental-trainer for athletes (mainly icehockey – we got the title all 3 times I coached the team) and I worked as trainer, mentor and coach for companys and for tausend people with different backgrounds. In my work, I expirienced the possibilities and the limitiations of human potential.

After passing my own thirties I begun to study aging and health and how to handle it positiv with mental techniques. (I started as an expert in the field of weightloss – and weight-gathering, with lot’s of own expirience. I studied up and down of 50 kg on my own body, without health or skinproblems.)

One of my goals was, to create an amzing attraction and rebuild my body after 3 pregnancies. One unintended effect was, that only young guys were looking after me for dates…. And that was, at sometimes, not easy to handle… 😉

My university degree is in consulting and psychotherapy. (Passed with distinction.) I studied NLP (Pract. Master, Coach) with R.Dilts and others, and deepened my knowledge of Hypnosis over the past 20 years. Especially since I met my Mentor Stephen Gilligan 7 years ago and started to work with his self-relation-approach. The products you buy, are deeply influenced by his work. Another important part, comes from Jean Houstons Human Potential and Mystery School Work.

My Expert-knowledge, is asked for in ORF (Austrian Lead Channel) Science Reports, but also as guest of Austrian Talk Show-Lady Barbara Karlich (similar to Ophrah in the US.) and on Lokal Radiostations.

My Way….

Lithographer …… Restaurant Worker ….. Barlady ….. Mother of Daniel ….. Cleaning Lady ….. Feminine Embroidery Worker ….. Waitress ….. Mother of Katja ….. Single Mom ….. High School Diploma ….. Youth-Worker ….. Sales Field Service ….. First Own Business Sales ….. Treasurer 10 Mill. Budget ….. Studies in Youth and Cultural Works ….. Business and Econonmy High School ….. University Hagen Psychology, Soziology, Education ….. Beneath Sales ….. Uni Innsbruck Educational Science, Consulting and Psychotherapy ….. Build Up Kids Care Service ….. Jugendarbeiterin … Jugendkoordinatorin Gemeinde Höchst … Aufbau Jugendzentrum … Büroorganisation Weiterbildungsinstitut … NLP-Practitioner and NLP-Master … Deputy Managing Director Adult Education ….. European Coaching Association-Coach ….. Erickson Trancwork ….. Next Own Business in Consulting ….. Single and Group-Coaching ….. Trainer and Coach for Chamber of Labour and Folk High School ….. Work with Trainerteams … Konzeption of New Coaching und Life-Coach-Trainings ….. Sportmental-Training Eishockey-Teams … Mother of Irina ….. Training Constellation Work Italy with Sparrer and deKibed ….. Training Self-Relation-Therapy und Hypnoses in Italy, Deutschland, England, USA with Gilligan ….. Training Human Potential Work and Social Artistry ….. NLP with Dilts ….. Aura-Soma-Training Step 1 – 3 ….. Musik-Workshop Steve Vai in London ….. Conclusion of my last University Studies with Distinction, Focus on Home Eduction and Self-Relation-Therapy … Irina is Home Educated – Method Natural Learning

Regular Free Ressources: Core Action – weekly eZine for Entrepreneurs and Executives (actually just in German avaliable)


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